The impact of rollout in the 800 MHz band on terrestrial television – one year after assignment - PTS-ER-2012:19


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) has been contacted by consumers and television installation engineers on 33 occasions since September 2011 owing to perceived interference to terrestrial television reception. This interference has partly resulted from the rollout in the 800 MHz band.

PTS is both the licence and supervisory authority. The licence holders are thus responsible for satisfying PTS of compliance with their licence conditions. Over the past year the Authority has conducted supervision work in relation to the licence holders.

The licence holders received hundreds of report notifications during the period January to March 2012.

PTS has taken ten or so measurements in order to first establish a profile of the reasons for the report notifications from the public relating to television reception, and second acquire an information base for future supervision work relating to the licence conditions. The authority was unable to establish that there has been television interference caused by the 800 MHz transmitters as defined in the 800 MHz licence conditions. Some of the interference was due to inadequacies in their own television reception equipment.

Most of those who contacted PTS considered that they had generally received inadequate information and also that it was difficult to get help.

The authority will continue to conduct supervision work relating to the rollout of the 800 MHz band with respect to its impact on terrestrial television.