Telö 11 – 9-10 November 2011

Telö 11 is an exercise for stakeholders within the electronic communications sector. Its purpose is to be an instructive exercise for cooperation during an extraordinary event both within the sector and with other sectors and authorities.

Various divisions of the participating organisations, such as operation management centres, customer services and communications departments, will take part in the Telö 11 exercise (9-10 November). The intention is to practise cooperation and decision-making routines at the various organisations.

A large number of opponents are taking part to ensure the realism and quality of the exercise. These opponents represent the resources of society and are those who impose standards, and are contributing their special expertise. The opponents taking part include the Government Offices of Sweden, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), SOS Alarm, the Police, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR), the National Defence Radio Establishment, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, several municipal authorities and also a number of different county administrative boards. More undertakings and public authorities may take part as opponents depending on how the scenario develops.

Telö 11 forms part of the national exercise strategy for the electronic communications sector. Several different aspects of the exercise will be evaluated. These evaluations aim to shed light on experiences that may be used as important input data in the follow-up work that will further improve the overall crisis management capability of the sector.

Objective of the Telö 11 exercise

The overall objective of Telö 11 is to strengthen the crisis management capability of the sector during extraordinary events by preparing cooperation routines.

Sub-objectives of the exercise

  1. Identify how the sector receives an alarm when an extraordinary event occurs.
  2. Evaluate the sector’s capacity to cooperate with each other in order to create an overall situation profile.
  3. Assess the sector’s capacity to provide consistent information during an extraordinary event.
  4. Evaluate the need and relevance of a cooperation function for extraordinary events at managerial level (a national board) within the sector.
  5. Evaluate the need and relevance of a sector cooperation function within the county administrative board’s crisis management during an extraordinary event.
  6. Assess the cooperation routines between Internet stakeholders in the sector and between the sector and vital public users of Internet-based services.
  7. Assess new cooperation routines with the power sector to enable electronic communications to be restored rapidly in the event of electrical disruption.
  8. Assess the capacity of the sector to be able to use the resources of the Swedish Armed Forces in cooperation with the Armed Forces during an extraordinary event.
  9. Conduct accessibility and quality checks for the MIMER system and SOS Alarm’s cooperation web.

The following stakeholders are taking part in the Telö 11 exercise

.SE, Com Hem, the Swedish Armed Forces, IP-only, Ministry of Enterprise and Energy  Netnod, NTSG, Skanova, STOKAB, TDC, Tele 2, TeliaSonera, the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA) , the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), Swedish Transport Administration ICT, Tre, Swedish national grid, SOS Alarm, the Swedish Urban Network Association, Telenor and PTS. More stakeholders may take part.


There has been an unusual amount of rain during the autumn of 2011, which has resulted in very high water levels in Lake Mälaren in early November. Several tunnel systems have started to fill with water. The public authorities and media are focussing on Stockholm. Then there is a completely unexpected breach of the dam at the top of the River Ljusnan at Lossen. These events affect, among other things, the electronic communications networks, presenting great challenges for those participating in the exercise.

Further information

The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) is coordinating the work relating to Telö 11.

Contact Christina Hedlund or Ulf Hellström for more information about the exercise: