Licence in 1900-1905 MHz

PTS will award license in the frequency band 1900-1905 MHz – an auction is scheduled for 18 March, 2008.

If PTS finds that it may be assumed that the frequencies at hand are not sufficient to grant a licence to everyone who wishes, the license will be awarded after an auction. Before an auction can be held PTS must issue regulations. After PTS has issued regulations for the auction an open invitation to participate in the auction will be published.

iBand AS won the license

At the bid opening on 18 March the bid from iBand AS was ranked as the highest bid. The bid was SEK 60.100. In addition to the bid, iBand must also pay an administrative charge of SEK 130.000.

Bid that did not win: Celestine Hill Communications AB, SEK 25.250.

The decision (only in Swedish)

Two enterprises have applied

Two enterprises have applied to participate in the auction: iBand AS and Celestine Hill Communications AB. Opening of bids will take place 18 March. The bids will then be ranked. The license will be assigned after PTS has checked that the bank guarantee of the bidder who was ranked first fulfils the stipulated requirements. Subsequently, the winner of the license will be announced.

PTS invites interested parties to apply for the auction

PTS today publishes the Open invitation for the 1900–1905 MHz band auction that is scheduled for 18 March 2008. The application, the bid, and the bank guarantee must have been received by PTS no later than 10 March 2008. PTS urges all interested party to carefully read the Open invitation and the regulations.

Final Regulations adopted by PTS Board of Directors

The PTS Board of Directors on 11 December adopted final Regulations for the 1900–1905 MHz band auction. In early 2008, PTS intends to publish an open invitation to the auction.

Summary of submitted comments

PTS also publishes a summary of submitted comments to the consultation that was carried out earlier this autumn and PTS comments to these responses.
Summary of submitted comments and PTS comments (only available in Swedish)

Submitted comments

Submitted comments

Public consultation of draft auction rules
The auction procedure is regulated by PTS Regulations as well as in an open invitation. The Draft Regulations is now issued for public consultation. The Draft Dpen Invitation is also published. PTS also invites particularly comments on the draft technical licence conditions, which are attached to the Draft Open Invitation as appendix 1. The final date for submission of comments to PTS is October 22, 2007.

Responses to Interest Survey and consultation
In April 2007, the National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) published an Interest Survey and consultation regarding national licenses in the frequency bands 1900–1905 and 2500–2690 MHz.
Compilation of the Interest Survey
Published responses


Interest survey and invitation to submit views regarding licensing in the 1900-1905 och 2500-2690 MHz bands

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