Checklist for the application 1900-1906 MHz

Checklist for applicants

Must have been received by PTS no later than 10 March

Use of PTS templates


In the outer sealed envelope:

Application form

Use PTS application form (Appendix 2 of the Open invitation)

Authorised signatory

Extract from the Trade and Industry Register, or the equivalent for foreign applicants. * Please note the information below for foreign applicants.

Power of attorney if the party signing the application is not an authorised signatory according to an extract from the Trade and Industry Register (or the equivalent for foreign applicants.)

No template provided

Authorised signatory

In the inner sealed envelope:


Template for bid is provided (Appendix 4 of the Open invitation)

Authorised signatory

Bank guarantee

Bank guarantees must have the content indicated in the template (Appendix 3 of the Open invitation) No deviations are allowed from the template text.

Authorised person from the bank issuing the bank guarantee

* Note for foreign applicants
If the extract from the Trade and Industry Register or equivalent is not in Swedish, English, German or French, please submit an English translation of this extract. If the extract does not clearly indicate that the person who has signed the application (or the power of attorney) is an authorised signatory for the application, please provide a brief description in English of the authorisation, with references to relevant legal provisions.


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