Licence in 28 GHz

PTS holds acution for technology- and service neutral spectrum in the 28 GHz band early 2009.

Auction concluded – total amount approx. SEK 900,000

The auction has been concluded at the total amount of SEK 910,007. The following bidders won licenses in the auction (auction proceeds):

Net4Mobility HB (SEK 400,004)
Telia Sonera AB, Networks (SEK 310,000)
HI3G Access AB (SEK 200,003)

Press release

PTS invites interested parties to apply for the auction

PTS today publishes the Open invitation for the 28 GHz band auction that is scheduled to start on 15 September 2009. The application and the bank guarantee must have been received by PTS no later than 25 August. 

Presentation from the information meeting September 18, 2008

Presentation - in Swedish only (pdf, new window)

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Information meeting 28 GHz band auction - September 18, 2008