Checklist for applications for auction in the 800 MHz band

Applicants must submit an application and bank guarantee that satisfy all of the requirements contained in the two applicable Regulations and in the open invitation. The closing date for applications is 31 January 2011. The table below shows what applicants must submit to PTS.

Checklist for applicants

To be received by PTS no later than 31 January 2011

Should PTS’s standard forms be used?


Application form

Yes, use PTS’s standard application form (Appendix B to Open Invitation). Please note that the standard application form may only be submitted in Swedish.

Authorised signatory or authorised representative

Extract from the Trade and Industry Register (or the equivalent for foreign applicants)
* Note specific information for foreign applicants provided below



Authorisation (power of attorney) if the party who signs the application is not an authorised signatory according to extract from the Trade and Industry Register (or the equivalent for foreign applicants)

No standard form


Authorised signatory


Details of closely related undertakings in accordance with the provision on closely related parties contained in Section 4.2 of the Open Invitation

No standard form


No signature required


Bank guarantee


Yes, the bank guarantee must have the content shown in PTS’s standard form (Appendix C to Open Invitation). No changes may be made to the text as shown in the standard form

Authorised person at the bank that issues the bank guarantee

* If the extract from the Trade and Industry Register or corresponding is not in Swedish or English, a Swedish or English translation of the extract shall be attached to the application. If the extract does not clearly indicate that the person who signed the application (or power of attorney) is an authorised signatory for the applicant, a short description of authorised signatory powers shall be attached to the application, with references to relevant legislation.