Terrestrial digital radio and television

Coordination agreements with neighbouring countries in frequency bands intended for digital terrestrial radio and television.

Coordination agreements


D/DNK/POL/S (2009), DNK/NOR/S (2011), DNK/S (2012), D/DNK/POL/S (2016)


EST/S (2006), EST/S (2016)

Finland FIN/S (2006), FIN/S (2016)


D/S (2006), D/DNK/POL/S (2009), D/DNK/POL/S (2016)
Great Britain G/S (2006)


LVA/S (2016)
Lithuania LTU/S (2006)
Norway NOR/S-1 (2017), NOR/S-2 (2017)

POL/S (2006), D/DNK/POL/S (2009)D/DNK/POL/S (2016)

Russia RUS/S (2006), RUS/S (2005)


By reason of the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/687 of 28 April 2016 on the harmonisation of the 694-790 MHz frequency band for terrestrial systems capable of providing wireless broadband electronic communications services and for flexible national use in the Union and the national decision from February 27th 2014 to use the frequency band 694–790 MHz for other purposes than terrestrial television there is an ongoing extensive work updating coordination agreements for terrestrial television in the mentioned frequency band.

The table above will therefore continuously be updated with new agreements as soon as they are signed.