PTS describes the spyware threat


PTS is now engaged in dealing with the increasing problem of spyware. ‘Spyware’ means programs or functions which Internet users - usually unknowingly - download or in other ways are affected by and which may violate the privacy of the user.

The report describes, among other things, what spyware is, what different kinds exist, and how they are installed and affect the user. Furthermore, the report contains a review of the legal position and security tips are given on how Internet users can protect themselves.

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This report constitutes part of PTS’s work with security on the Internet. PTS has previously created a website about, among other things, Internet security, and the authority will be actively involved in the national security campaign “Surfa lugnt” which will start on 29 April.

For further information:
Helén Lindqvist, Head of Supervision and Research Section, Network Security Department, telephone :08-678 55 79 [+46 8-678 55 79]