Clear and fair rules on fixed telephony subscriptions provide benefits for consumers


Swedish telecom consumers can freely choose which suppliers to subscribe to and get one bill for their fixed telephony, regardless of which company they make their calls with. The National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has today decided rules on how Telia Sonera should sell further subscriptions to other telecom companies.

Telia Sonera is required to produce, within three months, documentation for a standard contract for those companies that wish to buy subscriptions.

- The subscription reform is long overdue. The consumer can get one bill for fixed telephony and also avoid the demand for a fixed telephone subscription in order to get broadband via the telephone network. It is important to have clear and fair rules for the telecom companies that wish to sell subscriptions so that they should not be discriminated against, says Marianne Treschow, Director-General of PTS.

The subscriptions issue is an old problem in the telecommunications market. Telia Sonera owns the only comprehensive telecommunications network and imposes through its own contracts the terms and conditions for other companies that wish to sell subscriptions. Rules are therefore required that are clear, fair and promote competition, and it is the task of PTS to produce such rules. Improved competition will benefit the consumer in the form of more freedom of choice, better services and, in the long term, lower prices.

For further information: Marianne Treschow, Director-General, telephone: +46 (0)8-678 56 20.