Pocket interpreter improves the opportunities for deaf people to communicate with hearing people


PTS is now initiating a development project with an interpretation centre, which will offer sign language interpretation at a distance via 3G telephones. The project ‘Pocket Interpreter’ will be run by the Interpreter Centre with Örebro County Council and will continue up to and including February 2006.

Distance interpretation and call communication using 3G telephones provides deaf people with a greater opportunity to communicate with hearing people wherever they are located and reduces dependency on physical access to a sign language interpreter.

Video calls via 3G are rapidly becoming an important and extensive communications tool for deaf people, as they provide them with the opportunity to use their first language – sign language – for mobile communications.

PTS is currently procuring a provisional communications service for video telephony, which is being run by the Interpreter Centre in Örebro. The aim of the ‘Pocket Interpreter’ is to develop technology and methodologies to receive and deal with 3G calls in the existing communications service environment. Approximately 100 users will be able to participate in this development project.

The project is a further development of the successful trial ‘Mobile video communications for deaf people’, where the opportunities provided by 3G technology for deaf people have been evaluated. Within the framework of this trial, distance interpretation and call communication was also tested, with good results. ‘Mobile video communications for deaf people’ is part of the Government assignment which will be finally reported no later than 1 May.

PTS is procuring a number of communications services for people with disability. PTS is also participating in the development of new services to improve communications opportunities for people with disability.

For further information: Patrik Bystedt, Public Undertakings Section, telephone: +46 (0)8-678 57 71.