Sweden has the best 3G coverage in Europe


Approximately 85 per cent of the Swedish population currently has 3G coverage, which means that Sweden clearly has the best 3G coverage of all European countries.

This was stated by PTS in its annual report on 3G development, which was submitted to the Government today. Great Britain and Italy have the second and third best coverage in Europe. They have approximately 75 per cent and 60 per cent 3G coverage of the population respectively. These figures come from a report on 3G development in both Europe and the rest of the world that PTS commissioned through Stelacon. - It is pleasing to observe that we have good coverage in Sweden and that we are well placed compared to other countries in Europe. But the operators have promised even better coverage and there are still many Swedes who cannot access 3G, says PTS Director-General, Marianne Treschow. In their applications, the 3G operators promised to cover 8,860,000 Swedes. PTS is now working further to urge the operators to roll out their networks to the extent that they have promised.

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