PTS is proposing new obligations for broadband markets

18/12/2008 PTS is proposing obligations that will apply when operators want to offer broadband services via TeliaSonera's fibre and copper networks.

Large increase in the number of text messages sent

17/12/2008 PTS presents the statistics report 'The Swedish Telecommunications Market - first half year 2008'.

Consumers are not switching operators as often

11/12/2008 Swedish telecommunications and Internet consumers have become less inclined to switch operators, according to the annual consumer survey conducted by PTS.

Hidden cost of telephone calls increasing

27/11/2008 The hidden cost of telephone calls has increased over the course of 2008. The main reason is longer charging intervals.

The Swedish Counter Service will be closed down on Monday: here are the alternatives

26/11/2008 Brevgiro and Autogiro are two alteratives when the Swedish Counter Service closes.

New payment service for the elderly and persons with functional impairments in sparsely populated areas in connection with closure of the Swedish Counter Service

19/11/2008 PTS has concluded an agreement with Kuponginlösen and ICA Banken.

Never call unknown international numbers

13/11/2008 PTS, the Swedish Consumer Agency and KTIB wish to warn the general public.

Swedish Counter Service via rural carriers to be discontinued in one month: Brevgiro and Autogiro are two alternatives

28/10/2008 The elderly and persons with functional impairments living in sparsely populated areas will receive payment services similar to those offered today.

New obligations for operators with significant market power in fixed networks

23/10/2008 PTS proposed new obligations today for operators with significant market power in fixed telephony networks.

SOS Alarm must be notified of the position of people in emergency situations

01/10/2008 Telecom operators must state the position of a person in an emergency situation who calls emergency number 112 from a mobile telephone.

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