SOS Alarm must be notified of the position of people in emergency situations


As of 1 October, telecom operators must state the position of a person in an emergency situation who calls emergency number 112 from a mobile telephone. PTS has issued a decision on this in a Regulation.

The Regulation entails PTS imposing requirements on telecom operators that offer a public telephony service in addition to IP telephony. To the extent that this is technically feasible, these operators must provide SOS Alarm with the geographical address of a person in an emergency situation who has placed a call to 112.

"Positioning saves lives and most emergency calls from mobile telephones can now be positioned, which is a very good thing. It is important that work continues to identify solutions for the rapid localisation of persons making emergency calls," says Christoffer Karsberg, Head of the Security and Addressing Section at PTS.

PTS's Regulation concerning the transfer of emergency calls and the provision of localisation information to the public emergency service applies as of 1 October 2008. It replaces a Regulation from 2004.

The Regulation (only in Swedish)

For more information, please contact Christoffer Karsberg, head of Section, 070-811 40 12 or PTS's Press Office, 08-678 55 55.

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