Another 21 licenses sold in second round of auction


The second round of the PTS 3.7 GHz spectrum auction was concluded today.  S.B. Broadband and Telia Sonera won another 21 licenses in the auction.

During this week the PTS has conducted a second round of the 3.7 GHz, with a single round sealed bid. The first round of the auction ended a week back. The bidders were offered a second chance to place bids on the unsold licenses.

The results of the second round was that S.B. Broadband won 20 licenses and Telia Sonera one. The licenses were located mainly in the region of Mälardalen.
The total value of the sold licenses in the second round of the auction was SEK 3,001. The auction proceeds will go to the Swedish Treasury.

The licenses in the 3,7 GHz-band gives operators the opportunity to offer services as wireless broadband on local and regional markets.

Total results of the auction in the 3.7 GHz band

In total 118 licenses were sold amounting to a total value of SEK 4,322,097.

NOTE: This table is a merger of the results of both auction rounds 


Number of licenses won

Total sum of all bids (SEK)

Celestine Hill Communications

56 municipal


S.B. Broadband

30 municipal


Svenska rymdaktiebolaget

2 municipal


TDC Sverige

2 national


TeliaSonera Mobile Networks

26 municipal


Vindeln Bostäder Aktiebolag

2 municipal





  •  The result of the 3.7 GHz auction, both auction rounds included
  • Map showing the situation of the entire 3.7 GHz band (including both auction rounds in of the 2009 auction and the auction of 2007) 


  • S.B. Broadband
  • Telia Sonera

For more information:
Urban Landmark, Director of Spectrum Markets Department, tel 0708-11 40 74 or PTS's Press Office 08-678 55 55

Facts about cominatorial bidding

Since combinatorial bids were allowed in the auction, it has occurred that bidders, even though they submitted bids, still not won the respective license, nor anyone else. Therefore the bidders were offered a second chance to place bids on the unsold licenses.

Bidder A places a combinatorial bid of SEK 2,000 encompassing all municipalities in one region.
Bidder B places a bid of SEK 3,000 for one single municipality in the same region.
Bidder B wins that single municipality. The rest of the municipalities in the region will not be licensed even though bidder A might be interested in byiing the remaining municipalities in that region.

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