New decisions on obligations for interconnection in fixed networks and telephony subscriptions for wholesale customers


The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has made decisions today regarding obligations for operators with fixed telephone networks. These decisions have been made by PTS to create favourable conditions for competition, which will ultimately benefit the consumer. Today's decisions replace those made by PTS in 2004 and 2005.

These obligations regulate, among other things, the price of services that operators sell to each other. TeliaSonera must also continue to offer other operators the types of telephony subscription that can be resold to end users. In the call transiting market, PTS is revoking the obligations that the Agency imposed on TeliaSonera in 2004. This regulation is being revoked as a result of competition improving in this market.

"Through these obligations, PTS will ensure that consumers continue to have a good range of operators to choose from for fixed telephony services. We will also ensure that operators cannot charge excessive prices for services sold to one another and which are a prerequisite for interconnection," says Marianne Treschow, Director-General of PTS.

These decisions regulate TeliaSonera's operation in three markets (fixed access, fixed call origination and fixed call termination) and the operation of other operators in their own individual fixed call termination markets.

PTS has been consulting operators, the authorities involved and the EC Commission about these obligation decisions since October 2008.

These decisions apply from today and PTS will start its supervision.

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Call origination is a service that allows an end user with a telephony subscription to make calls to other end users.
Call termination is a service that allows an end user to receive a call placed by another end user.
Call transiting means that TeliaSonera relays calls in its network between the networks of two other operators. Call transiting mainly occurs when the networks of these two operators are not directly linked.
Access means that an end user (via a subscription with an operator) has access to a telephone network and can receive, for example, telephony services.

For further information, please contact:
David Troёng, head of Competition Department, tel. 08-678 57 95 or PTS's Press Office, tel. 08-678 55 56

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