PTS determines charges for 2010


The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) will gradually implement a new model for spectrum charges starting on 1 January 2010. The Board of PTS has now determined the charges for 2010.

The new model for charges is technology-neutral and will be implemented gradually over the course of several years for various types of licence. The first category in line for implementation is block and television licences in 2010. RTTE fees will also be changed for block and television licences. All the relevant licence holders have been informed about this.

In general, it could be said that the new model means that licence holders with a large holding of spectrum and with no rollout, or a low degree of rollout, will be imposed higher charges. Licence holders with a high degree of rollout and a small holding of spectrum will have lower charges. Licence holders will have to pay more for spectrum in low frequency bands. However, the total charges imposed by PTS for the area of radio will not increase.

"The new model will help us lay the groundwork for more efficient spectrum use, in line with PTS's Spectrum Policy. This model will encourage those who hold spectrum to also use it. Licence holders will find it easy to anticipate future annual charges, which will for example benefit the second-hand market," says Urban Landmark, head of PTS's Spectrum Markets Department.

The new model will also lead to a reduced administrative burden for parties holding block licences by means of simpler rules and less invoicing, for instance because the relevant licence holders will not need to report on the location of radio transmitters. When it comes to television licences, individual transmitters will still need to be reported to PTS.

In connection with the charges regulation, the board has also decided to lower the charges for parties conducting operations that are subject to a notification obligation. Other charges will generally remain unchanged, for example charges for holders of numbering licences, postal charges, emergency surcharges and RTTE fees (which do not relate to block or television licences).

For more information, please contact:
Urban Landmark, head of Spectrum Market Department, 0708-11 40 74 or PTS's  Press Office, 08-678 55 55.

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