The PTS spectrum auction in the 28 GHz band has been concluded


PTS’s auction to distribute the block licenses in the 28 GHz band was concluded today. Hi3G Access, Net4Mobility and TeliaSonera won licenses in the auction amounting to a total value of approximately SEK 900,000.

PTS auction of licenses in the 28 GHz band has now been completed. The auction included a total of 18 frequency blocks of 2x28 MHz each. The total value of all licenses sold is 910,007 SEK. The auction proceeds will go to the Treasury.

 - The growing use of mobile broadband during the last couple of years means that operators need access to high transmission to and from base stations. The 28 GHz band is suitable for this purpose.  It is therefore gratifying that this spectrum is now available to the market, says PTS Director General Marianne Treschow.

The auction was conducted via encrypted e-mail in two steps. During Step 1, the number of blocks were allocated among bidders through a so called clock auction, which means that all blocks are sold at the same price. Balance between demand and the number of available frequency blocks was achieved in the first round. The price was SEK 50,000 per block.

During step 2 of the auction it was determined where in the frequency band the bidders blocks should be located. This was done by a closed bid submitted by the bidders. The bidder who submitted the highest bid could choose location first. The bidders chose the location in the following order: TeliaSonera, Net4Mobility and Hi3G.


Bidders have won licenses as follows:  


Result of the auction


Number of

Bids, step 1 (SEK)

Bids, step 2 (SEK)

bids (SEK)

Net4Mobility HB





TeliaSonera AB, Networks





HI3G Access AB















PTS has today decided to award licenses to the winning bidders. The license period is 15 years.


Decision on the assignment of licenses (in Swedish only)

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For more information:
Urban Landmark, head of PTS’s Spectrum Markets Department,
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