Uppsala County first in Sweden to offer new Internet service to prevent excavation-related damage to cables


Excavation-related damage to cables costs several hundred million Swedish kronor each year. Today, Anders Björck, Governor of Uppsala County, and Marianne Treschow, Director-General of the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS), inaugurated a new Internet service to combat this problem. Its launch will begin in Uppsala County.

By means of a single query, a person planning an excavation project can reach all parties having cables buried at a site. A great number of companies, public authorities and other organisations helped set up Ledningskollen.se.

Broken cables can disrupt electrical, water mains, telephony and Internet services

A broken cable often disrupts services related to electricity, water mains, telephony and the Internet. Anyone taking their chances and digging without checking what is underground may even be obliged to pay damages if something is ruined. At the same time, however, it has been difficult and time consuming to survey what cables are underground – up until now.

A service for private persons, companies, municipal government and other public authorities

On 7 September 2009, the Ledningskollen.se Internet service will be launched in Uppsala County, in other words, in the municipalities of Uppsala, Enköping, Östhammar, Tierp, Älvkarleby, Knivsta, Håbo and Heby. At Ledningskollen.se, anyone planning excavation work can quickly and easily find out who has cables buried on the site.

This is the most comprehensive service available on the market and it works just as well for private persons as for companies, public authorities and municipal government. This system is configured for many different cable owners, from major operators to municipal networks. The objective is to encompass all parties, which is why all cable owners are encouraged to have their areas of interest registered.

"Fewer interruptions benefit Swedish subscribers and the international community, since telecommunications and Internet traffic crosses many borders. This service brings us one step closer to a society with robust communications," says Marianne Treschow, Director-General of PTS.

Automatically generated queries to cable owners

This system has Sweden divided into quadrants one square kilometre in size where the cable owners have provided information about their buried cables. A person planning to excavate highlights the relevant area on the map, whereupon the service interprets which cable owners are affected and then sends an automatically generated query to all the parties.

For security reasons, the information about the exact location of cables is not contained in a database connected to the Internet. The details become known in the subsequent dialogue conducted between the party planning to excavate and the party with cables at the site. If a cable is missing in the area to be excavated, the party planning to dig will be informed about this immediately.

Premiere in Uppsala County

The new service is being launched first in Uppsala County. When it has been evaluated and an administrative organisation is in place, the service will be launched in the rest of the country. A great number of companies, public authorities and other organisations helped set up Ledningskollen.se. These include the County Administrative Board in Uppsala County, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Com Hem, Björklinge Energi, the Swedish Armed Forces, Skanova, Svenska Kraftnät, Vattenfall and the Swedish Road Administration. Related work will be coordinated by PTS.

"We are pleased that this service is being launched first in Uppsala County. Uppsala is one of the most expansionary areas in northern Europe and the need for new infrastructure, housing and other premises will be enormous in the years to come. However, construction projects sometimes mean excavation-related damage that is both problematic and costly to repair. This is money that would be better used for other purposes," says Anders Björck, Governor of Uppsala County.

Ledningskollen.se (only in Swedish)

For more information, please contact:

Jonny Nilsson, head of Robust Communications, PTS: 070-683 23 96
PTS's Press Office: 08-678 55 55
Peter Dahlström, County Administrative Board, Uppsala County: 070-664 57 85
Leena Marandi, Press Secretary, County Administrative Board, Uppsala County: 070-592 24 52

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