PTS’s invitation to auction of the 800 MHz band

13/12/2010 PTS is to assign licences in the 800 MHz band through an auction. The auction is planned to start on 28 February and those interested must apply no later than 31 January 2011.

New Internet service to reduce excavation-related damage costing millions

01/12/2010 PTS is now launching an Internet service aimed to reduce the number of incidents of damage to lines and pipes and other infrastructure.

We are now calling more from our mobiles than from fixed telephones

25/11/2010 Now for the first time Swedes are calling more from their mobiles than from fixed telephones. This is shown by a report from PTS.

Consumers unaware that they can switch Internet service provider

11/11/2010 Reduced mobility may result in problems for consumers.

PTS organises a new innovation competition

10/11/2010 PTS is launching a new innovation competition today. The theme of this competition is ‘Culture and leisure’. The final application date is 17 December.

PTS participates in the first European cyber exercise

03/11/2010 22 European countries participate in a cross-border cooperation excercise on 4 November.

PTS decides on rules for mobile operators

03/11/2010 Mobile operators must accept call traffic from other operators and maintain cost-orientated prices.

PTS wants to make it easier to switch telecom and Internet operator

21/10/2010 PTS wants to take action aginst long notice periods and SIM card lock where customers have to pay to unlock their phone.

How municipal stakeholders can promote the deployment of broadband and competition

11/10/2010 A joint statement which aims to promote the deployment of broadband and competition throughout Sweden.

New support for broadband in rural areas

05/10/2010 There is now new support available for village associations and municipalities that wish to roll out broadband in rural areas where broadband is not being established by the market.

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