PTS announces winners of Innovation Competition

05/10/2010 PTS has now announced the final winners of its innovation competition.

Money problems for village associations that want to roll out broadband

30/08/2010 Nearly one in two village associations in Sweden have rolled out broadband in their home districts or are deliberating on doing so. However, financing is a concern in some places. New support will be available in October.

Swedes – the swiftest surfers in the Nordic countries

22/06/2010 Sweden's fast broadband services mean that we stand out when compared with the other Nordic countries.

Rapid growth within mobile broadband continues

03/06/2010 The number of mobile broadband subscriptions increased by 50 per cent during 2009.

Avoid expensive mobile bills during the holidays

01/06/2010 Advice from PTS, KTIB and the Swedish Consumer Agency.

PTS's decision on broadband competition will guarantee freedom of choice for consumers

24/05/2010 PTS has made a decision on obligations for TeliaSonera in the broadband market.

PTS proposes rules to improve competition between mobile operators

16/04/2010 Today PTS initiates the consultation regarding the proposal to continue regulation of the interconnection of mobile networks.

PTS looks for smart solutions for work and education

30/03/2010 Today PTS starts an innovation competition with the theme ‘Work and education’.

Teracom subject to further regulation for broadcasting radio in the terrestrial network

19/02/2010 PTS has decided today on further regulation applying to radio broadcasting in the terrestrial network.

More people can get broadband, but transmission rates vary depending on where you live

11/02/2010 Broadband coverage in Sweden has continued to increase, according to the 'Broadband Survey 2009' produced by PTS.

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