New Internet service to reduce excavation-related damage costing millions


Excavated lines and pipes can cause serious disruptions to functions that are vital to society, for instance to power, water/sewerage, telephony or Internet traffic. The cost of repairing excavated and damaged lines and pipes amounts to several hundred million Swedish kronor every year. PTS is now launching an Internet service, ‘Ledningskollen’ (Line and pipe check), aimed to reduce the number of incidents of damage to lines and pipes and other infrastructure.

Ledningskollen matches up those who are going to excavate with those who may have infrastructure at a certain place. Previously, the person who was going to excavate had to figure out which line and pipe owners might possibly be affected by the work, and contact them. It was easy to miss someone and many businesses and organisations never received the enquiries they should have got, with interruptions and expensive damage as a consequence.

“Excavated lines and pipes are a growing problem for society, not only in the telecom sector but also for everyone who has subsurface or underwater lines, pipes and cables. To reduce this damage is essential, because we are dependent upon the public services provided by these networks,” states Göran Marby, Director-General of PTS.

Ledningskollen works by the person planning to excavate at a certain place marking the relevant area on a map. The enquiry is then sent automatically to all line and pipe owners who have indicated that they have lines, pipes and cables in that area. In this way, those who are going to excavate establish contact with the line and pipe owners affected, and the risk of excavation damage is reduced. One enquiry reaches all line and pipe owners who are included.

This service functions for private individuals, businesses, central and local public authorities and others who plan to excavate or blast at a particular place. There is no charge for making enquiries and responding to them via The service is financed with public funds.

Ledningskollen is now being launched for the whole of Sweden. This service has been working in Uppsala County since 7 September 2009, where more than 3 000 enquiries have been made. The experience gained from Uppsala was good, and the number of incidents of damage has reduced.

The Internet service Ledningskollen is a result of sector cooperation where many major line and pipe owners have participated and developed the service together with PTS. The participants include Skanova, TDC, Tele 2, Telenor, Vattenfall, Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions - SKL), Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration), Svenska Kraftnät (Swedish national grid), Maskinentreprenörerna (Association of Swedish Earth Moving Contractors – ME), Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen (Swedish Urban Network Association) and Sveriges Byggindustrier (Swedish Construction Federation - BI).

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