PTS looks for smart solutions for work and education


Today the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) starts an innovation competition with the theme ‘Work and education’. Businesses, researchers and organisations can submit applications with proposals for projects aimed at improving the opportunities for work and education for people with disabilities. Selected projects will get financing from PTS.

For many persons with disabilities it may be difficult to use various communications services. At the same time, work and studies are becoming increasingly dependent upon information and communications technology (ICT). This brings with it opportunities, yet can also present impediments for many people to work or get training. 

PTS is today starting an innovation competition to improve opportunities for work and education for persons with disabilities. The Agency is inviting various stakeholders to apply for financing of service and product development within the electronic communications and postal sectors. The theme for the competition is ‘Work and education’.

PTS will select a number of projects to be granted financing by the Agency. In order to ensure the best choice possible is made, PTS will engage an external expert committee, who will assist in the selection process.

– Innovative businesses and organisations are now given an opportunity to implement their ideas and develop future communications solutions. It is hoped that the new solutions will improve opportunities for work and education for persons with disabilities. It is also hoped that the preconditions for people with disabilities to develop at work or with education will improve, says PTS Director-General Göran Marby.

Applications must be submitted to PTS no later than 14 May 2010.

Design for All

An important benchmark in PTS’s work for accessible communications is ‘Design for All’. ‘Design for All’ is a vision where products, services and environments are designed to work for as many people as possible, regardless of the functional capacity of the users. ‘Design for All’ involves choosing general solutions to the greatest extent possible. Special solutions should represent a supplement and not the primary alternative.

In this innovation competition, PTS is seeking in particular proposals for communications solutions according to the principle ‘Design for All’.

Further Information

More information about this innovation competition, application forms and contact details are available on PTS website. (information only in Swedish).

PTS is one of the authorities responsible for realising Swedish Disability Policy. PTS procures a number of services within the electronic communications and postal sectors for people with disabilities. The Agency also works with development projects to evaluate usability and make new technical opportunities visible.

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