PTS organises a new innovation competition


The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) is launching a new innovation competition today. PTS is looking for proposals for smart communication solutions for people with disabilities. The theme of this competition is ‘Culture and leisure’.  The final application date is 17 December.

Today, the starting shot was fired for the second PTS Innovation Competition. Innovative researchers, businesses and other organisations can apply for financing through the competition for both service and product development and research projects and studies within electronic communications and postal services. PTS will then choose a number of projects to be granted financing by the Agency.

‘Culture and leisure time’ theme

The theme of this innovation competition is ‘Culture and leisure’.

“It can sometimes be difficult for people with disabilities to use and take part in culture and leisure activities on equivalent terms as other people. We would like to use this competition to promote accessible and usable communication solutions that can enhance the ability of people with disabilities to, for instance, take part in various leisure activities,” says Göran Marby, Director-General for PTS.

Applications to be submitted no later than 17 December

Anyone can apply to the PTS Innovation Competition. Applications must be submitted no later than 17 December. Following the closing date for applications, PTS will evaluate all of the applications and choose the projects that will receive financing from the Agency.

“The PTS Innovation Competition represents part of our work to reduce the digital gap in society. The first innovation competition produced a lot of interesting and creative proposals for us to choose from. I hope that we will also receive as many good applications this time. Financing from PTS will afford innovative businesses and other organisations the opportunity to create new products and services that will hopefully be of great value to a large number of people,” comments Göran Marby.

There were eleven different winners in the first PTS innovation competition, where the theme was ‘Work and education’; the total amount of financing that they shared was approximately SEK 17 million.

As with the first competition, PTS is also looking in particular for proposals for communications solutions that can be used by as many people as possible – regardless of disability.

Further information

More information about this Innovation Competition, application forms and contact details are available on PTS’s website: (only in Swedish). 

PTS is one of the authorities responsible for realising Swedish Disability Policy. PTS procures a number of services within the electronic communications and postal sectors for people with disabilities. The Agency also works with development projects to evaluate usability and make new technical opportunities visible.

For more information, please contact:
Anna Boström, Consumer Issues, tel. 073-644 55 23
PTS's Press Office, tel. 08-678 55 55

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