PTS participates in the first European cyber exercise


Cyber attacks against electronic communications will form part of the scenario during the cross-border cooperation exercise on 4 November in which 22 European countries are participating. PTS is one of the Swedish organisations involved in the exercise.

CyberEurope 2010, as the exercise has been called, is the first ever European cyber exercise and 22 countries will be taking part. The plan is to hold such an exercise every other year and the first exercise will focus specifically on the robustness of the Internet. During the exercise there will be several incidents at the international Internet exchange points between these countries. It is then up to the organisations taking part in the exercise to ensure, together with their European colleagues, that the Internet connections start to function again.

“Our society is becoming increasingly dependent on functioning telephony and the Internet, which is why it is extremely important to have crisis exercises. Communication is often borderless and the aim of CyberEurope 2010 is to enhance our capacity to deal with major incidents within the European Union,” says Annica Bergman, Head of the Network Security Department at PTS.

The exercise has several aims:

  • Establish confidence and trust between the various stakeholders in participating countries
  • Enhance an understanding of how these kinds of event are dealt with in the different countries
  • Test communication routes and procedures
  • Enhance an understanding of joint dependency
  • Promote mutual support

The sections at PTS that are responsible for operational security and security protection within the electronic communications sector are participating; it is principally the officers having emergency preparedness standby duties who will be taking part in the exercise, together with Sitic (Sweden’s IT Incident Centre). PTS has extensive experience of organising exercises within this area, for which reason we have also participated in the planning of CyberEurope 2010.

Other Swedish organisations taking part in the exercise include the National Defence Radio Establishment and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). The Swedish authorities will carry out the exercise on site at PTS with a view to working as a Swedish crisis management organisation during the exercise.

The role of PTS

PTS is the authority in Sweden responsible for security in electronic communications. The Agency is also the Swedish point of contact for international issues relating to work of Enisa.

For more information, please contact:
Annica Bergman, head of Network Security Department, tel. 073-640 58 13
PTS's Press Office, tel. 08-678 55 55