Swedes – the swiftest surfers in the Nordic countries


Sweden's fast broadband services mean that we stand out when compared with the other Nordic countries. We also send the most data per subscription in mobile networks. These facts are evident when the statistics of the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) are compared with the corresponding agencies in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway.

For rates exceeding 10 Mbps, Sweden has the most broadband subscriptions per inhabitant, closely followed by Denmark. One explanation for Sweden's position is that we have more fibre networks than other Nordic countries. The proportion of fibre-based subscriptions is 16 per cent in Sweden if the entire broadband market (including mobile broadband) is included. The corresponding figure for Norway, which has the next highest proportion, is ten per cent while Denmark has the most broadband subscriptions per inhabitant overall.

When compared with the other Nordic countries, Swedish users also send the most data traffic per subscription in mobile networks. Finland follows close behind Sweden, while subscribers in Norway and Denmark barely use half as much mobile data traffic each year. Finland has the most mobile broadband subscriptions per inhabitant, followed by Sweden.  

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of text messages (SMS) sent in Sweden, which makes us unique among the Nordic countries. The number of SMS is not increasing in any of the other countries. However, the Danes are still the most regular SMS users.

Fixed telephony still maintains a strong position in Sweden, despite a steady reduction in all of the Nordic countries over the years. There are just fewer than two people for each fixed telephone subscription in Sweden, whereas the equivalent figure in Finland is almost four.

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Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic Countries

These comparisons are based on a joint statistical database that has been produced by the five regulatory authorities within electronic communications. The Swedish statistics compiled by PTS can be found in our statistics portal.

The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) monitors the electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden. The term ‘electronic communications’ includes telephony, the Internet and radio. The Agency works with consumer and competition issues, efficient utilisation of resources and secure communications. Read more at www.pts.se.