Almost one in five mobile customers have made calls via the Internet

15/11/2011 The Internet on mobile phones is a key driver for users, who are also prepared to try out new services. This is shown in a new report from PTS.

Smartphones with broadband are taking over

07/11/2011 Swedes are using 2.3 million smartphones with broadband in the mobile networks, and there has been a sharp increase in mobile surfing.

1800 MHz-auction finished – auction revenue was SEK 1,35 billion

17/10/2011 PTS auction of licenses for use of radio transmitters in the 1800 MHz-band is finished. The total auction revenue was SEK 1,349,999,999 (approx. EUR 148 million).

PTS follows up access to telephony in Sweden

30/08/2011 New report from PTS published today.

Avoid expensive bills when using your smartphone this summer

10/06/2011 How to avoid the high cost of using mobile services abroad.

PTS invites interested parties to the spectrum auction for the 1800 MHz band

01/06/2011 The deadline for applications is 2 September 2011.

For the first time we are spending more money on mobile services than on fixed services

19/05/2011 PTS presents 'The Swedish Telecommunications Market 2010'.

This is how municipal authorities are promoting the rollout of broadband infrastructure and competition

28/04/2011 PTS is highlighting five examples of the action taken by municipalities to promote broadband infrastructure and effective competition.

Four in ten can get superfast broadband

16/03/2011 New Broadband Survey from PTS.

The 800 MHz auction is closed - three bidders won licenses

04/03/2011 The PTS auction of licenses for the use of radio transmitters in the 800 MHz band has been concluded. Three bidders won licenses for approximately SEK 2 billion.

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