1800 MHz-auction finished – auction revenue was SEK 1,35 billion


PTS auction of licenses for use of radio transmitters in the 1800 MHz-band is finished. The total auction revenue was SEK 1,349,999,999 (approx. EUR 148 million).

The auction was concluded in two stages and was completed after 5 days. The band is 2x70 MHz of spectrum divided into 14 frequency blocks of 2x5 MHz each. After the auction Net4Mobility and Telia Sonera have 2x35 MHz each in the 1800 MHz-band.



Previously licensed spectrum

New spectrum

Block placement in the band

auction proceeds, SEK

Net4Mobility HB

2x25 MHz

2x10 MHz


430 000 000

TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB

2x10 MHz

2x25 MHz


919 999 999



1 349 999 999


Göran Marby, Director General of PTS, comments:

- Demand for mobile services from Swedish consumers increases rapidly. With this award PTS has made more technology and service neutral spectrum available for the market, to continue roll-out of mobile networks.

In stage 1 of the auction the spectrum was allocated through a clock auction

In stage 1 seven new licenses, in total 2×35 MHz, were allocated between bidders. Both new entrants and existing licensees in the 1800 MHz band could participate. Stage 1 was concluded through a clock auction. Net4Mobility and TeliaSonera won licenses in stage 1. Hi3G Access AB also participated in stage 1 of the auction, but did not win any licenses. The total bid amount for all licenses in stage 1 was SEK 1,349,999,999.

In stage 2 of the auction the placement of bidders in the band was decided

In stage 2 the placement of each bidder's spectrum blocks in the band was decided. Winning bidders from stage 1 as well as existing licensees (holding 2x35 MHz) in the band could participate. The placement stage thus included 2×70 MHz. The bidders were able to make sealed bids for each possible placement in the band.

Both bidders will have their first choice, which is the reason why auction proceeds in stage 2 are SEK 0. In stage 2 the bidders will not pay the bid they place because the price is calculated based on how other bidders have valued the same placement.

The licenses assigned in stage 1 of the auction apply from 1 January 2013 and expires 31 December 2037.

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