Four in ten can get superfast broadband


More than four in ten permanent homes and businesses can get at least 100 Mbps broadband. This has been revealed by the latest Broadband Survey from the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS).

PTS’s Broadband Survey for 2010 shows that 44 per cent of all permanent households and businesses in Sweden have, or have the possibility of ordering, at least 100 Mbps broadband downstream. This means that the sub-objective of the Government’s Broadband Strategy – that 40 per cent of households and businesses should have access to at least 100 Mbps broadband by 2015 – has been achieved.

"It is now up to the market to offer more and even better services so that other households and businesses decide to purchase really fast broadband. This will benefit both economic growth and community development in general," says Göran Marby, Director-General of PTS.

Fewer people have no access to broadband

The Broadband Survey also shows that there was a reduction in the number of permanent homes and businesses with no access to broadband – from 2,800 in October 2009 to 1,100 in October 2010. This reduction was primarily due to an improvement in mobile broadband coverage in the digital 450MHz network.

Wireless technology is helping to promote broadband throughout Sweden

PTS has recently completed the frequency auction in the 800 MHz band. Telenor and Tele2’s joint venture Net4Mobility purchased a frequency block which is subject to a condition requiring the winner to roll out wireless broadband, at a cost of SEK 300m, to those permanent homes and businesses that are currently unable to receive broadband. This represents a step towards achieving broadband throughout Sweden.

Major follow-up of the Broadband Strategy at the end of May

PTS will present no later than 31 May a complete follow-up of the sub-objective of the Government’s Broadband Strategy of 100 Mbps for 90 per cent of households and businesses by 2020, together with how access to IT infrastructure will continue to develop.

Broadband coverage for all counties and municipalities

Information is available atPTS’s statistics portal concerning broadband coverage in all counties and municipalities.

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Mattias Viklund, head of Accessibility and Market Analysis, tel. 073-066 57 11 or PTS's Press Office, tel. 08-678 55 55.


Facts: This is how PTS has calculated broadband coverage

This is the first time that PTS’s Broadband Survey has been based on actual access to at least 100 Mbps broadband downstream. This means that permanent homes and businesses can order at least 100 Mbps without any special costs. Measuring actual access to broadband has been made possible thanks to PTS now having access to more detailed information from both network owners and service providers.

Previous surveys were based purely on information from the network owners relating to where there were properties connected to a broadband network of at least 100 Mbps. On the basis of this data PTS was able to calculate how many permanent homes and businesses were within 350 metres of these properties.


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