The 800 MHz auction is closed - three bidders won licenses


The PTS auction of licenses for the use of radio transmitters in the 800 MHz band has been concluded. Three bidders won licenses for approximately SEK 2 billion.

PTS’s auction over the Internet was concluded after almost five days of bidding and 31 bidding rounds. The total amount for all licenses sold is SEK 2,054,000,000 (approximately EUR 233 million).

SEK 300 million comprise bids for coverage and the license holder that has won the frequency block FDD6 shall use this sum to cover those permanent homes and fixed places of business that lack broadband.

In addition, the winning bidders will pay a processing charge of SEK 200,000 per block to PTS.

PTS has today announced a decision on the assignment of licenses to the winning bidders. The licenses are valid to and including 2035.

Winning bids:


Bandwidth, MHz

Auction proceeds, SEK

Amount for coverage, SEK

HI3G Access AB


431 000 000


Net4Mobility HB


469 000 000

300 000 000

TeliaSonera Mobile Networks AB


854 000 000


Com Hem AB and Netett Sverige AB also participated in the auction but did not win any licenses.

Göran Marby, PTS director general, comments:

- Now the license holders can start using the 800 MHz band for, for example, mobile telephony and wireless broadband, in order to meet the consumer demand for services. The license holders can chose which technology and service that they want to use within the band. That will warrant a cost effective rollout and gives the opportunity for new technological solutions.

- It is also gratifying that SEK 300 million during the next few years will be used to cover precisely those households and companies that lack coverage today. This is a part of getting broadband coverage in the whole country.

Decision on the assignment of licenses
Results (pdf, new window)

Further inquiries:
Jonas Wessel, Head of the Section for Spectrum Licensing and Trading, phone +46 730 66 57 58
or PTS press service, phone +46 8 678 55 55.