This is how municipal authorities are promoting the rollout of broadband infrastructure and competition


The Swedish Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) is highlighting in a report five examples of the action taken by municipalities to promote broadband infrastructure and effective competition. The aim is to provide municipal authorities with further guidance on how broadband issues can be dealt with at a local level.

Municipal authorities play several important roles in the broadband sector. For example, they can promote the rollout of broadband infrastructure and effective competition as owners of land, property or broadband networks.  In its report entitled Goda exempel på kommunalt agerande på bredbandsområdet [Good examples of municipal action in the broadband sector], PTS gives five examples of positive municipal action that are in line with several of the principles for municipal initiatives in the broadband sector that PTS, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and the Swedish Competition Authority presented in the autumn of 2010.

  • Gothenburg’s urban network Gothnet has reviewed its role on several occasions and let in commercial stakeholders where this was possible.
  • The Stångåstaden housing company in Linköping promotes competition via parallel networks in the company’s properties.
  • Arvidsjaur's urban network has reviewed its operation and now only offers access to fibre networks to other operators from previously having sold its own services to end users.
  • Nacka Municipality has non-discriminatory land contracts that afford equal opportunities to broadband operators that want to establish themselves within the municipality.
  • Linköping Municipality is highlighting through its IT infrastructure programme the rollout of broadband as an essential element of the municipality’s outline and detailed development plan.

PTS’s work with the municipal authorities is the result of an assignment under the Government’s Broadband Strategy. The assignment requires PTS to implement information initiatives directed at municipal authorities, the primary aim of which is to promote the market-driven rollout of broadband infrastructure, reduce the distortion of competition and clarify the roles of municipal stakeholders in the broadband market.

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Press release on common principles (2010-10-11)  

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