Broadband support provides a boost for fibre deployment in rural areas

20/12/2012 An estimated 35,000 homes and businesses in rural areas have received broadband via fibre, or the preconditions necessary for receiving broadband via fibre, since PTS began co-financing broadband projects in the autumn of 2010.

Broadband arrives in 120 homes and companies thanks to the PTS coverage provision

18/12/2012 The coverage requirements for the 800 MHz band has now led to 4G coverage for 120 homes and companies who previously were not able to purchase broadband from a normal internet service provider.

Nine winners in the PTS "Intelligibility and interaction" competition

17/12/2012 PTS provide support for projects that help persons with disabilities to use IT as an aid in their day-to-day life.

The price of mobile phone calls continues to drop

14/12/2012 The hidden fees appear to be here to stay. These are the conclusions of a new report from the PTS.

A million tested passwords

29/11/2012 Over a million passwords have now been tested on the online service 'Testa lösenord' (Test your password). The service teaches you how to create strong passwords.

Fibre broadband soon in the million club

19/11/2012 At the same time the number of mobile broadband subscriptions increased heavily, according to the latest market data fråm PTS.

Sweden host of Internet conference promoting inclusion

12/06/2012 Who sets the rules for the Internet? What rules do users want? How can the Internet be used to strengthen Europe? These questions will be discussed at the EuroDIG 2012 Conference on 14-15 June.

Two million new mobile broadband subscriptions

29/05/2012 The number of mobile broadband subscriptions is continuing to rise, according to Swedish Telecommunications Market 2011, a report by PTS.

Half of households and businesses in Sweden can get fast broadband

14/03/2012 Results from PTS's Broadband Survey for 2011.