Broadband support provides a boost for fibre deployment in rural areas


An estimated 35,000 homes and businesses in rural areas have received broadband via fibre, or the preconditions necessary for receiving broadband via fibre, since the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) began co-financing broadband projects in the autumn of 2010.

As of October 2010, PTS co-finances broadband projects in rural areas where the market will not be installing broadband. This can include, for example, village communities, other local development groups and municipalities who are applying for funding. The aim of the support is to encourage local initiatives for the development of broadband via fibre in rural areas.

Until now, PTS co-financing has led to an estimated 35,000 homes and businesses receiving broadband, or to their homes or businesses being fitted with broadband capabilities. The preparation involves laying conduit between the connection points for the broadband and the home or business, known as ducting, in which fibre can be deployed in a simple and cost effective way.

PTS can grant SEK 160 million during 2013

In 2012, PTS granted SEK 80 million to broadband projects in rural areas where the market will not be installing broadband. Since its inception in October 2010, SEK 178.5 million has been granted. In 2013, PTS has SEK 160 million to grant for broadband projects.

Further information and instructions on how to apply for co-financing of broadband in rural areas can be found at

Facts: Broadband support for rural areas

The role of PTS is to be a co-financier, i.e., to, where necessary, co-finance broadband projects sought via the Rural Development Programme or the Canalisation Ordinance. The Rural Development Programme is managed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the ducting support is administered by the County Administrative Board in Örebro county. Applications for support for broadband deployment in rural areas are made by village communities and other applicants from the county administrative boards, which are also the main financial support authority, i.e., those responsible for the Rural Development Programme and ducting support. Read more at (in Swedish only).

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