Nine winners in the PTS "Intelligibility and interaction" competition


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) has chosen nine winners in the "Innovation for all" competition, which is designed to develop IT solutions for persons with cognitive disabilities. The projects are awarded a total funding of more than SEK 10 million over two years.

The PTS has decided who will receive further financing in the competition "Intelligibility and interaction – communication solutions for persons with cognitive disabilities."

"It is a pleasure to once again provide support for projects that help persons with disabilities to use IT as an aid in their day-to-day life. We hope that the solutions created will make it easier for people to plan, structure and organise their lives," says Göran Marby, Director-General of the PTS.

The nine winners are awarded between SEK 440,000 and SEK 1.7 million. The work on the projects commences immediately and will be financed by the PTS for up to two years.

  • ALT AB
  • The Centre for Easy-to-Read
  • Doro AB
  • Jonas Enebrand AB
  • Synaptic AB
  • Wexcellcia bifirm Strikersoft
  • Örebro Municipality, Urban Planning Department

 Read more about the winners here. (In Swedish only)


Solutions for increased autonomy

In this competition, the PTS requested projects that could increase digital participation for persons with some form of cognitive disability. The developed solutions, which must be in the field of electronic communication, should contribute to increased autonomy for the target group.

The term "cognition" is from the Latin "cognoscere", meaning to learn. A cognitive disability can take several forms. It can include having trouble with planning, memory issues, concentration issues or problems with language comprehension.

How the competition was held

In May 2012, the PTS announced that it was looking for innovative, useful and accessible solutions for persons with cognitive disabilities. Of the submitted applications, the PTS chose a number who were allowed to conduct pilot studies, in order to ensure that there were conditions for carrying out the projects in the desired way and with the desired results.

The PTS has employed a council of experts in assessing the work, including representatives from the user groups and persons with technical and trade knowledge, who have participated in assessing the applications.

The PTS will monitor each projects by examining and approving the interim reports that the participating companies must provide.

Twelve projects completed so far

At least once a year, the PTS holds an innovation competition, named "Innovation for all". Through this competition, universities, higher learning institutes, research institutes and companies all have a chance to apply for financing of service and product development as well as studies.  Since the first competition in 2010, twelve projects have been completed. 

Read more about them here.


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