Two million new mobile broadband subscriptions


The number of mobile broadband subscriptions is continuing to rise, increasing by just over two million in 2011. According to Swedish Telecommunications Market 2011, a report produced by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), the number of broadband subscriptions for smartphones increased by one million in the second half of 2011 alone.

There were more than two million additional mobile broadband subscriptions in 2011, amounting in total to just over 5.1 million at the end of the year. This corresponds to an increase of 66 per cent. 3.2 million of the mobile broadband subscriptions were additional subscriptions for smartphones for example. In total there were almost 8.2 million fixed and mobile broadband subscriptions on 31 December 2011, representing an increase of 35 per cent from 2010. 

“There was a significant increase in the demand for smartphones with broadband, which require good mobile broadband networks. The frequency bands made accessible by PTS through last year’s spectrum auctions provide good preconditions to continue the roll out throughout Sweden. Studies also show that the extensive investments made in mobile networks in recent years are now resulting in increased revenues for operators,” says Göran Marby, Director-General of PTS.

Mobile broadband is increasing revenues

Revenues in the total market for electronic communications were SEK 52.7 billion, representing an increase of one per cent compared with 2010. This increase is entirely due to growth within mobile call and data services. Revenues for mobile data traffic increased by almost 40 per cent while revenues for other mobile services are stable.

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