Sweden the most data-hungry of the Nordic countries in 2012


The Swedes use the most data per mobile internet subscription and also have most 100 Mbit/s subscriptions per capita, according to statistics from 2012 on electronic communication from five Nordic and two Baltic countries announced on July 4 by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).

The Swedes consume around 12 gigabytes of data per mobile broadband subscription and year. This makes us the most data-hungry of the Nordic states, followed by the Finnish who use around 10 gigabytes. Our interest in receiving large amounts of data quickly is also demonstrated by the fact that we have the most subscriptions that can handle 100 Mbit/ s or more. Almost one in ten Swedes has such a subscription.

Highest mobile usage among the Finns

The Finns are the most habitual mobile phone users, with over 2,300 minutes per year and subscription, more than 300 minutes more than the Swedes. One explanation for this is that the Finnish have the smallest number of fixed telephone subscriptions, both traditional and IP-based, per capita.

Text-messaging is declining in several countries, most notably in Sweden. The most habitual texters in 2012 were the Lithuanians who, like the Danes, send more than 1,500 texts per subscription and year.

Sweden is no longer on top when it comes to fixed telephone subscriptions per capita either. Almost one in two Icelanders has a fixed telephone subscription, and have as such surpassed us.

All of the figures given above include both private and company subscription and use.

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Statistics on Nordic telecommunication is published annually. The statistics are collected and processed by the Nordic group for statistics - Nordstat, which PTS is a part of. The compilation is based on previously published statistics from Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania and Norway. The figures will be published today in PTS' statistics portal.