Demand for fibre remains high


The number of high-speed broadband subscriptions continues to increase, as well as the demand for services accessed via the Internet, such as IPTV and IP-telephony. This is shown by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority’s report Swedish Telecommunications Market for the first half-year 2015.

The number of high-speed broadband subscriptions (speeds of 100Mbit/s or more) increased by 29 per cent and at the mid-year point numbered 1.3 million.

The report, which is based on statistics that the PTS has gathered from operators, also shows that the number of fibre subscriptions during the first six months increased by 18 per cent and at the mid-year point amounted to 1.5 million. This can be compared with xDSL, which continues to fall, and now amounts to barely 1.2 million subscriptions. Fibre is therefore consolidating its position as the leading broadband technology.

Services accessed through the Internet continue to grow - IPTV and IP telephony increased by 15 and 8 per cent respectively.

“We can see from the report that more Swedes want fast broadband, both fixed and mobile. The reason behind this is a growing demand for services accessed via the Internet, primarily watching films. This bodes well for the continued expansion of the broadband network in Sweden,” says Göran Marby, Director General of PTS.

Swedes use more mobile data

The amount of data sent via mobile networks continues to increase. The average subscription for smartphones consumed 2.4 Gb per month, which represents an increase of 58 per cent. This is because we use more and more services via the Internet.

Revenue increases

The revenues from mobile voice and data services increased by 4 per cent and at the mid-year point reached SEK 15.2 billion. The increase is primarily due to growing revenues from mobile data traffic. A large part of the revenues came from fixed fees, which are due to an increase in subscriptions with a fixed price, where calls, SMS, and a specific amount of data are included.

Other developments

The report also shows:

  • That the number of fixed subscriptions over traditional telephony has fallen by 14 per cent and at the mid-year point amounted to 1.4 million
  • The number of text messages sent from mobile phones is increasing by 1 per cent after having declined over many years. Text messages sent through corporate subscriptions are those increasing in number.
  • Every fifth broadband subscription is a group connection, i.e. an Internet subscription where operators have signed an agreement with e.g. landlords and housing associations.

PTS statistics portal

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Swedish Telecommunications Market is the annual report from PTS, which describes developments in the areas landline and mobile call services, data communications, television and Internet services.