Make sure you letter arrives this Christmas


Lots of letters are sent across Sweden each Christmas. But many of them get lost due to incorrect addresses or insufficient postage. Keep this in mind when you send your Christmas letters.

Every year, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) get hundreds of letters that the postal service has been unable to deliver. The reason is often that the address is incorrectly written or that the letter does not have the correct postage, i.e. enough stamps. If there is no return address on the letter, it falls to PTS to figure out who sent the letter and return it.

Remember this when you write a letter 

When writing a letter, it is important to remember the following:

  • Always write the full address of the recipient. The address must contain name, surname, street name and number, post code and city. 
  • Add the right postage. Check the weight of your letter and make sure you have enough stamps.
  • Always put a return address. If you write a complete return address on the envelope, the letter can be returned to you should it be impossible to deliver it.

Also remember to check that the person you are sending the letter to has not moved or changed their name.

Test your address skills

PTS has developed a game where you can test your ability to recognise a correctly written address. Challenge your friends to see who is the best!

The game can be found here. (only in Swedish)

Information films

PTS has produced information films about how you can make sure that your letter arrives as intended, and what happens if the letter cannot be delivered.

Report a missing letter

Have you sent a letter that did not arrive? At the PTS website, you can report the letter missing:

More information
Helene Rosang, Head of the PTS unit for missing letters, tel: +46 (0)73-640 58 50
PTS Press Service, tel: +46 (0)8 678 55 55

About missing letters

In accordance with the Postal Services Act, PTS is tasked with handling any letters that a postal operator has been unable to deliver. PTS must open these letters and, using their contents, attempt to return each letter to its sender. In some cases, PTS is able to use information in the letter to identify the recipient. However, PTS will not attempt to find a new address for the recipient.

Opened letters for which PTS has been unable to identify a sender will be kept for four months (6 months for registered letters). After that, the contents will be destroyed or donated to charity. More information can be found at