Winners of PTS's 11th innovation competition announced


The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) has announced three winners in its eleventh innovation competition. The theme was “smarter e-commerce” and the winning projects will share the funding of approximately SEK 4 million.

In its eleventh innovation competition, PTS was looking for IT solutions that improve the possibilities and experience of shopping online. You could also apply with goods and services which are not currently available. The purpose is to develop e-commerce and make it easier for everyone to use the internet and e-services to shop online. The winning projects will make it easier for everyone, regardless of their functional ability, but should specifically work for people with a disability.

“Online trade is a very big market these days. The range of goods and services is huge and the competition is great. We are happy to contribute to more people gaining access to the possibility of shopping online, for example, thanks to the winners of this competition. The e-commerce actors that choose solutions and technologies which improve their accessibility will do better against the competition,” says PTS Director-General Göran Marby. 

Three winners that can improve e-commerce

There were ten projects submitted to the eleventh innovation competition entitled “Smarter e-commerce”. The three that made it all the way to PTS funding were:

Joakim Green Holding, Tenhult, Jönköping

Distanspresentation av webbaserade offerter [Distance presentation of web-based offers]. The aim of the project is to give more people access to a wider range of products and services without having to transport themselves physically, regardless of whether they are in their home in the countryside or in an office in the city. The project aims to make it possible for individuals with or without functional impairments to purchase products and/or services at a distance using web-based offers with the aid of internet rehabilitation.

Weavler, Stockholm

Tillgänglig marknadsplats för kreatörer och deras kunder [An accessible marketplace for creators and their customers]. The marketplace will be adapted for users with little computer experience as well as for those with functional impairments relating to sight, motor function or cognition or those with reading and writing difficulties. There will also be a user-adapted support function.

Mondido Payments, Stockholm

Betalning för alla [Payment for everyone]. The aim of the project is to create payment flows for e-commerce that are optimised for various platforms, languages, demographics and special needs based on functional impairments. This will improve the shopping experience and make Payment for everyone possible.

The project will identify and solve problems which cause failures in the e-commerce payment process, based on the Design for all concept. This will be done through guiding the customer to the payment flow that is optimised based on a specific need, unlike current solutions on the market which offer the same payment flow for all customers.

108 winners in five years

PTS is commissioned to work with improved accessibility and usability within digital communication and postal services. One way of doing this is arranging innovation competitions twice per year. Since the start in 2010, PTS has organised eleven competitions and has paid out a total of SEK 130 million, divided among 108 projects. In addition to funding, winners are also offered support with business modelling and launching.

Careful selection process with a council of experts

The process begins with the competition being advertised, after which applicants have six weeks to send in their submissions. PTS then makes an initial selection according to certain criteria, such as how the application relates to the theme and the Design for all concept. Those who are selected will then come and present their project to PTS and a council of experts composed of representatives from industry, the public sector, academia, the technology industry and innovators and users. The applications selected will complete a pilot study. When PTS has evaluated the pilot studies, it will decide which projects will receive funding and the opportunity to improve the everyday life of large groups of people.

Diploma ceremony on the PTS Innovation Day, 1 June 2016

All winners will receive diplomas on the PTS Innovation Day which is held on 1 June 2016. More than 100 private and public sector participants interested in accessibility issues and innovation will meet at Norra Latin/City Conference Center in Stockholm. Attendance is free and notifications of interest can already be submitted to or via

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