Press releases

Data traffic for mobile phones continues to increase

12/09/2016 This is shown in ‘The Swedish Telecommunications Market – First Half-year 2016.

PTS finances Privatliv app – relationship information and sex education for young people with functional impairments

09/09/2016 Now marks the launching of the app Privatliv.

Invitation from PTS to the 1800 MHz band auction

07/07/2016 2x5 MHz will be available in this auction

Invitation from PTS to the 700 MHz band auction

07/07/2016 2x30 MHz will be available in the auction

IP telephony now more common than traditional fixed line telephony


Fourteen winners in twelfth PTS innovation competition

19/05/2016 Active winners from throughout Sweden.

PTS's thirteenth innovation competition paves the way for innovative web solutions

03/05/2016 The competition is open for companies and organisations in both the private and public sector.

PTS-financed text-to-speech solution makes Wikipedia more accessible – in Sweden and the world

02/03/2016 PTS is collaborating with Wikimedia Sweden about crowdsourcing.

Swedish telecom prices look good in an international comparison

24/02/2016 Sweden had the lowest price on fixed broadband. Read more in our Price report.

Make sure you letter arrives this Christmas

21/12/2015 Remember this when you write a letter this Christman

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