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SOS Alarm must be notified of the position of people in emergency situations

01/10/2008 Telecom operators must state the position of a person in an emergency situation who calls emergency number 112 from a mobile telephone.

Save money using alternatives to the Swedish Counter Service

26/09/2008 An alternative to paying bills through the counter services is to use Brevgiro. In this way, you can save thousands of Swedish kronor per year.

Telephone sales agreement may make small entrepreneurs less vulnerable

24/09/2008 A new agreement for companies carrying out telephone sales directed at other companies.

New frequencies for tracking of sporting dogs by GPS

23/09/2008 PTS has issued a decision concerning licence-exempt frequencies for tracking of sporting dogs by GPS.

PTS procuring postal and payment services for the elderly and persons with functional impairment in rural areas

02/09/2008 The elderly and persons with functional impairment living in rural areas will retain their access to postal and payment services even after 28 November 2008.

2008 the final year for wireless analogue CT1 telephones

02/09/2008 Wireless analogue telephones of the type CT1 may no longer be used in Sweden after 31 December 2008.

Brevgiro and Autogiro two of several alternatives as the Swedish Counter Service closes down

27/08/2008 There are several alternatives to the Swedish Counter Service which do not require a computer or the Internet.

Fixed-mobile telephony service has improved, but still has problems

25/06/2008 PTS demanding regular fault reports from TeliaSonera.

Satellite telephony may resolve emergency situations for people without telephones

18/06/2008 Innovative thinking needed to ensure everyone’s access to telephony in Sweden in the long term.

Avoiding expensive surfing bills while on holiday

16/06/2008 Be on your guard if you have a mobile Internet connection and surf while abroad or near the borders of Sweden adjacent to other countries.

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