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More calls, text messaging and broadband users in mobile networks

12/06/2008 For the first time, mobile networks are generating more revenues than fixed telephony.

ICA Banken AB and Kuponginlösen to provide basic payment services in a number of communities and areas

27/05/2008 PTS has decided to conclude an agreement with ICA Banken AB and KI Kuponginlösen AB for payment services in a number of communities and rural areas.

PTS launching national information campaign about alternatives to the Swedish Counter Service

20/05/2008 On 1 July, the Swedish Counter Service will begin to close down.

The PTS spectrum auction in the 2.6 GHz band has been concluded – total amount SEK 2.1 billions

08/05/2008 The PTS spectrum auction in the 2.6 GHz band has been concluded. Five bidders have won licenses for the total amount of SEK 2,099,450,000.

Improved municipal action may facilitate future investments in fibre


iBand won license in auction

18/03/2008 iBand AS won the auction of a license in the 1900–1905 MHz band with a bid of SEK 60.100.

Broadband networks becoming more widespread but support is needed if everyone is to connect to them

21/02/2008 New broadband study by PTS.

PTS invites applications for auctions for licenses in the 2.6 GHz band and the 1900–1905 MHz band

17/01/2008 During the first half of 2008, PTS intends to assign licenses for wireless services in the 2500–2690 MHz band (2.6 GHz) and the 1900–1905 MHz band.

Unknown charges give more expensive mobile telephone bills


Public consultation of PTS draft auction rules for future wireless broadband

14/09/2007 PTS intends to issue licenses for future wireless applications in the 2500–2690 MHz frequency band through an auction planned for the first half of 2008.

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