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People suffering from deafblindness can now use Facebook

21/02/2014 People suffering from deafblindness and other visually impaired people can now use Facebook through a specially designed interface. The service is funded by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS).

Improved coordination is required for increased coverage

21/02/2014 Everyone who lives and works and stays in Sweden should have access to adequate coverage and capacity of Internet services where ever they are. This is the opinion of the Swedish Broadband Forum's working group for mobile broadband.

The Swedish Telecommunications Market - First half year 2013 - PTS-ER-2013:21


Sweden the most data-hungry of the Nordic countries in 2012

11/07/2013 The Swedes use the most data per mobile internet subscription and also have most 100 Mbit/s subscriptions per capita.

Sharp increase in high-speed broadband


Göran Marby becomes new chair of BEREC in 2014


Nordic and Baltic telecommunication authorities call on the Commission for labelling scheme on mobile receiver performance

24/05/2013 The eight countries are now calling on the Commission to improve consumers’ possibilities to compare receiver performance.

Government agencies out of step with the implementation of IPv6


Broadband support provides a boost for fibre deployment in rural areas

20/12/2012 An estimated 35,000 homes and businesses in rural areas have received broadband via fibre, or the preconditions necessary for receiving broadband via fibre, since PTS began co-financing broadband projects in the autumn of 2010.

Broadband arrives in 120 homes and companies thanks to the PTS coverage provision

18/12/2012 The coverage requirements for the 800 MHz band has now led to 4G coverage for 120 homes and companies who previously were not able to purchase broadband from a normal internet service provider.

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