Press releases

PTS follows up access to telephony in Sweden

30/08/2011 New report from PTS published today.

Avoid expensive bills when using your smartphone this summer

10/06/2011 How to avoid the high cost of using mobile services abroad.

PTS invites interested parties to the spectrum auction for the 1800 MHz band

01/06/2011 The deadline for applications is 2 September 2011.

For the first time we are spending more money on mobile services than on fixed services

19/05/2011 PTS presents 'The Swedish Telecommunications Market 2010'.

This is how municipal authorities are promoting the rollout of broadband infrastructure and competition

28/04/2011 PTS is highlighting five examples of the action taken by municipalities to promote broadband infrastructure and effective competition.

Four in ten can get superfast broadband

16/03/2011 New Broadband Survey from PTS.

The 800 MHz auction is closed - three bidders won licenses

04/03/2011 The PTS auction of licenses for the use of radio transmitters in the 800 MHz band has been concluded. Three bidders won licenses for approximately SEK 2 billion.

PTS and SALAR wish to make known good municipal practice in the area of broadband

07/02/2011 Four regional broadband conferences in May.

PTS’s invitation to auction of the 800 MHz band

13/12/2010 PTS is to assign licences in the 800 MHz band through an auction. The auction is planned to start on 28 February and those interested must apply no later than 31 January 2011.

New Internet service to reduce excavation-related damage costing millions

01/12/2010 PTS is now launching an Internet service aimed to reduce the number of incidents of damage to lines and pipes and other infrastructure.

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