Press releases

Mobile broadband and fibre are showing rapid growth in the broadband market

09/06/2009 PTS presents the annual report "The Swedish Telecommunictions Market 2008".

The Data Inspection Board and PTS to review mobile services

09/06/2009 The agencies will review whether the way in which subscriber and location data in mobile content services is dealt with complies with applicable laws and rules.

PTS’s invitation to auction of the 28 GHz band

02/06/2009 PTS invites interested parties to participate in a spectrum auction for licences in the 28 GHz band. The application deadline is 25 August 2009.

PTS proposes further regulation for radio in the terrestrial network

14/05/2009 PTS's analysis establishes that the market still has competition problems.

More than one in two Swedes are unable to make their wireless networks secure

21/04/2009 PTS is now publishing three short films on the Internet showing how to improve the security of your wireless communications.

More information to consumers about call blocking services

20/03/2009 Consumers have access to satisfactory credit limit and call blocking services.

PTS proposes continued regulation for television in the terrestrial network

19/03/2009 PTS has analysed the national wholesale market for television programme broadcasting services.

PTS issues decision concerning space in the 900 MHz band which will ensure continued high coverage for mobile telephony in Sweden

13/03/2009 PTS has decided to approve the application from the operators TeliaSonera, Tele2, Swefour and Hi3G.

Everyone should be able to use vital public services on the Internet

02/03/2009 PTS proposes that the minimum level for access to the Internet should be raised.

Broadband objectives needed to defend Sweden's position at the forefront of IT

23/02/2009 PTS's report ‘Broadband Survey 2008’ was presented to the Swedish Government today.

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