Proposal for regulations on allocation of the 450 licence in consultation process


The National Post and Telecom Agency, PTS, has prepared a proposal for regulations on a national licence to use radio transmitters for the provision of public electronic communications services using digital technology.

The proposal and impact assessment has been circulated for consultation to the relevant authorities and interested parties. This material is only available in Swedish.

Views on the proposal may be submitted no later than 17 November 2004.

The proposal briefly involves the following.

A national licence for the use of radio transmitters for the provision of public electronic communications services using digital technology is available for application and its availability will be announced by an open invitation to apply. The frequency space is 2x1.8 MHz in the frequency range 463.0-464.8/453.0- 454.8 MHz. The matter will be considered by means of an auction.

It is prescribed by the regulations that the licence shall be granted for a period of fifteen years and that it will be combined with conditions concerning among other things coverage. ‘Coverage’ is defined as a signal strength that allows speech, with a handheld terminal, at 1.7 metres above ground level outdoors and with a surface probability of 90%. The proposal implies that coverage of 80 % of the land area in each individual county of Sweden is required from 1 July 2007. The licence holder shall ensure that, within the coverage area, public electronic communications services are provided in the form of a mobile telephony service.

It is proposed that the application and tender procedure should be arranged in a manner whereby the applicants will initially show that it may be assumed that the application is technically feasible and also that they have the financial capacity to satisfy the licence conditions. Otherwise, the application shall be rejected. Those who apply shall submit a tender, in a sealed envelope, stating the amount they intend to pay to get the licence. The lowest tender allowed is one krona. The tenders will be opened at the time stated in the invitation. The applicant that has submitted the highest tender will be granted the licence, but only after the auction proceeds have been paid. Payment shall be made within 14 days. If this amount is not paid within the prescribed period, the turn will pass on to the party that offered the next highest amount. If two parties have promised the same amount, the ranking between them shall be determined by drawing lots.

A processing fee of 125.000 kronor will be charged for an application.

Further details of the procedure will be stated in the invitation to apply.

A draft of the invitation and a draft licence will shortly be available on the PTS website for information.