Regarding the work, defining new BWA licenses


During 2005 PTS held two public consultations regarding BWA licensing conditions in the bands 2570-2620 MHz and 3600-3800 MHz.

The answers from these consultations highlighted that there are still issues that needs to be investigated. It also became obvious that a better co-ordination of the work regarding the different potential frequency bands suitable for new BWA licenses was desirable.

Due to this PTS has decided to do a careful examination of all frequency bands that could be available for BWA use in the 2006-2008 timeframe.

The following frequency bands are included. 2010-2020 MHz 2570-2620 MHz 3400-3410 & 3500-3510 MHz 3600-3800 MHz 5725-5875 MHz.

The result of this examination will be proposals that outlines which of these bands that are most suitable for new BWA licenses and a proposed timeline for issuing new BWA licenses. The goal is to present a complete proposal during spring 2006.