Interest survey and invitation to submit views regarding licensing in the 1900-1905 och 2500-2690 MHz bands


The National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) intends to award licenses in the 1900-1905 and 2500-2690 MHz bands during the spring of 2008.

The frequencies are, among other things, considered to be interesting for mobile telephony and broadband wireless access.

Through this interest survey, PTS will provide market stakeholders with an opportunity to notify their interest in a licence in these frequency bands.

PTS also encourages all interested parties, whether notifying their interest or not, to submit views regarding the licensing in the 1900-1905 och 2500-2690 MHz bands. This will provide PTS with useful information when packaging the licences and designing a potential auction.

Notification of interest and/or views regarding licensing should be delivered to PTS no later than 2 May 2007.

Interest survey and consultation (pdf, new window)

For further information please contact Åsa Möller, Spectrum Department, +46 8 678 56