The PTS auction of spectrum in the 2.6 GHz band starts today


The licenses may be used for, e.g., mobile telephony or wireless broadband services. The auction process may be followed at the end of each auction day on the PTS website.

According to PTS policy, when competition prevails for licences an auction is the main method to be employed. The auction of the 2.6 GHz band is the second spectrum auction in Sweden to be held over the internet. The auction is foreseen to take approximately 2 to 10 working days to conclude.

By making the frequencies in the 2.6 GHz band available to market players, PTS provides opportunities for end-users to gain access to high capacity mobile communications services. The licenses in the 2.6 GHz band are technology and service neutral and may be used for, e.g., mobile telephony or wireless broadband.

At the end of each auction day, PTS will publish information on the number of bidding rounds that have taken place during the day and the sum of standing highest bids in each bidding round (see

For reasons of confidentiality, PTS will not publish names of bidders before the auction has been concluded and a decision has been announced on the assignment of licenses.

Further inquiries:
Johan Mårtensson, head of the Spectrum Markets Department, phone +46 730 66 57 25

Facts about the auction
The auction comprises 15 frequency blocks, 14 FDD blocks and 1 TDD block, for a total of 190 MHz. The licenses are not associated with any requirements to use a certain technology, nor are there obligations to provide services or roll out infrastructure.