PTS auction of spectrum in the 1800 MHz band starts today


Today the auction to award block licenses to use radio transmitters in the 1800 MHz band starts. Follow the auction process at the end of each day at PTS website.

With the award of the 1800 MHz band PTS will have more technology- and service neutral frequencies on the market, which is part of the Government's broadband strategy. The objective is to enable new and existing players in the band to offer consumers e.g. broadband services.

The auction assigns 2×35 MHz of spectrum. In the band there are also existing licensees who hold a total of 2x35 MHz.

Two stages in the auction

The auction will be conducted in two stages.

In stage 1 the auction divides 2×35 MHz among bidders. Both new entrants and existing licencees in the 1800 MHz band can participate. There is no limit to the amount of spectrum a bidder can buy.

In stage 2 the placement of the bidders' spectrum in the band is determined. The winning bidders from the first stage and the existing licensees who already have licenses in the band may participate. The placement stage therefore includes 2x70 MHz.

All licensees in the band are guaranteed to have contiguous spectrum.

The licenses are service-neutral and also technology-neutral (with certain restrictions), allowing licensees to choose which technologies and which services will be used in the band.

Follow the auction on

In stage 1 of the auction, PTS will at the end of each day, earliest at 4:45 pm, publish information on how many rounds are completed and the sum of all bids, see

After stage 1 of the auction has ended, PTS will publish interim results: the names of all winning bidders, and how much spectrum they have won and at what price. Note that the auction in its entirety is not completed, but it continues with stage 2.

More information about the auction

For more information:
PTS's Press Office, telephone +46 8 678 55 55


Facts about the states in the 1800 MHz band:

Today there are several operators in the band as well as in nearby bands that offer consumer services. Therefore, there is no spectrum cap in the auction. This means that there are no limits on how much spectrum a bidder in the auction may bid on.

The licenses in the auction will apply from 1 January 2013 and the license period is 25 years.

In the band there is also existing licensees who hold a total of 2x35 MHz.

The rules of the auction and the license conditions are regulated by PTS rules for spectrum auctions (PTSFS 2008:1), and in the decision to limit the number of licenses and publish an open invitation.

PTS plans to exempt 2x5 MHz in the band from license obligation. This means that these frequencies can be used by anyone without requiring license from PTS, which reduces barriers to entry.