Radio and teleterminal equipment

Telecom terminals are a type of telecommunication equipment that is connected to the public telecom network.

This equipment includes telephones, mobile phones, answering machines, number display units, fax machines and modems. Some telecom terminals contain radio transmitters. Other types of radio transmitters are used in cordless headphones, microphones, remote-controlled equipment, audio broadcasting transmitters, safety alarms and burglar alarms. They are also used in communication radio systems such as those used by the police and game hunters. Radio transmitters are also used by sea and air traffic.

The European Community Directive, the Radio- and Teleterminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE-directive - 1999/5/EG) is implemented in Sweden by national regulations (only available in Swedish). The Directive mainly provides conditions for the placing of radio and telecommunications terminal equipment on the market.

You can read the Directive in English (pdf) or in Swedish (pdf) and you can also find more information about the directive on the Commissions websites and an Interest Association working in co-operation with the European Commission and the Member States.

Notification procedure

A manufacturer or his representative who intends to place new radio equipment on the Swedish market which operates in a radio frequency band that is not harmonized throughout the entire Community, must notify the radio equipment to PTS or any other relevant national spectrum administration within the European Community at least four weeks before it is placed on the market. PTS can prohibit or limit the distribution of equipment if it is considered or anticipated that it may cause harmful interference.

NEW! A One-Stop Notification procedure

As of 7 January 2008 it will be possible to send notifications of the intention to place equipment on the market electronically using a one-stop procedure to a number of spectrum authorities. For further information, see the Notification of the intention to place radio equipment on the market: one-stop procedure (OSN) webpage. PTS certainly encourages all manufacturers or suppliers to take the advantages of the possibility of distributing such information without costs to other national EU-administrations in order to avoid future administrative inconveniencies.

Any manufacturer or representative who still prefers the limited procedure may use the notification forms below.

Send the notification form to:
Post- och telestyrelsen
P.O Box 5398

or by e-mail to:

These notification procedures follows the mandatory conditions of the R&TTE-directive, but the notifying part can not expect any confirmation that the notification has been neither registered nor evaluated.


Some documents are in pdf format, so you will need the reading tool Acrobat Reader.

PTS monitors telecom terminals and radio equipment in the market to ensure that they satisfy technical requirements.